S*Mijmu Pix Tiger Lily, SIA n.


P l a n s :

No kittenplans in some time. At the moment I don´t have any fertile cats, just four very much loved (and a bit spoiled!) neuters.







K i t t e n s :

The kittens grew up as familymembers. Kittens from S* Mijmu Pix move to their new home at earliast when they are 14 weeks old. The kittens are by that time:

- Registrated in SVERAK, FIFe
- Fully vaccinated
- Dewormed
- Chipmarked with microchip
- Have a healt certificat from veterinarian, maximum 7 days old

Before every mating the cats are tested for FIV and FeLV.

You are most welcome to e-mail me if you are interested in a kitten from S* Mijmu Pix or want to know more about the cats or planed litters!

Emma Kronvall, S* Mijmu Pix