Nostalgia! This is one of the kittens in the third S*Mijmu Pix litter, born May 4 2007. You can almost hear the suckling!


Old time lovebirds - and now neutered lovebirds! Pixi, IDP Shade of Jade Olga, and Kingston, CH S*Yahtzee´s Zeppelin, cuddeling.


6 of April 2012:

Long time no see! :-)
My cats are all neuters so the last year there has been no plans or kittens to write about here at the S*Mijmu Pix website. (Well, on the other hand; if you have siamese cats there is always something to write about!)
With no fertile cats I have been taking a pause from breeding 2011. But not from the cat world :-) I am now the Secretary of my cat club, Siameslinjen, and that is a very fun mission.

I take a lot (a lot!) of photos of my beloved four siameses and some of these pictures I have posted here on the website: here
This page was intended as a temporary photo page or photo blog until I found out how I shold make a more permanent and nice looking photo page. But still - several years later! - the page is still just temporary. (sorry!)
So until I have figured out how this permanent photo page will be designed I have made a blog. A siamese- and garden blog. So far the blog has only been in Swedish, but if there are many foregin followers, I will also write in English. So please visit the blog and leave a comment!
Look at the "link"-page and there you will find a link to our blog and also to our facebook page.

The last year, 2011, I did not have that strong "feeling" and determination that you must have as a breeder. But lately has that feeling come to life again, and I hope that a little siamese princess perhaps can join the S*Mijmu Pix family later this year! Fingers crossed!
Until then I hope you will enjoy my funny, charming, beautiful, silly action simeses at the blog :-)


S*Mijmu Pix Tiger Lily, SIA n, 15 weeks old at this picture. Our wonderful little surviver!


Beautiful S*Mijmu Pix Piilu. I miss her and her brother Jack every day.


Handsome S*Mijmu Pix Jackmanii.


S*Mijmu Pix Piilu.


S*Mijmu Pix Jackmanii.


The kittens mum Lilly, S*Mijmu Pix Molli Minttu, is now a happy (and still very talkative, as you can see!) neuter.


Seelia, CH S*SeeSoo Soulmate, who is mother to Lilly and grandmother to Tiger Lily, Piilu and Jackmanii, became 6 years old February 27. She celebrated all day long!


12 of March 2011:

It has been a very sad winter. Tragically we lost two of the kittens in litter 7; Piilu was put to sleep only 11 weeks old and her brother Jack when he was 16 weeks old.

It went very fast with Piilu. The day the kittens became 11 weeks old; a Wednesday, Piilu was a little tired and her breath was a bit heavy. I took both Piilu, mum Lilly and the other kittens to the vet the same day. The vet examined both Piilu and her brother and sister and said that she could not hear anything odd when she listend to their lungs and hearts. The vet guessed that Piilu perhaps had got a tiny virus and we were sent home again.
The next day, a Thursday, Piilu was not better and at the evening she stopped eating and was so, so tired. I was up all night nursing her. The next morning, a Friday, we went directly to the vet hospital with Piilu.
We met another vet this time and she did an x-ray at Piilu. The x-ray showed fluid in Piilus lungs, chest and belly. There were nothing they could do to help her, she was to sick.
I was chocked and in despair! I had a thousand questions to the vets; how could this happend and why had it not been discovered at our last visit just 48 hours earlier? Was there nothing at all they could do to try to help her? No medicins, no treatment at all? But no, nothing could help my little Piilu, she was to ill.
Piilu was put to sleep in my arms later that day and I was totaly heartbroken.

The very next day the other kittens was examined by the vet. They were concidered perfectly healthy.
I wanted to know what has happend to Piilu and her body was taken to autopsy. I feared FIP but it was not that. The autopsy result said:
"Feline asthma and blood-poisoning caused by bacterias".

There is a great possibility that Piilus death is related to the kittens dramatic birth. This litter was born with ceasarian because the first baby get stucked at its way out and not even the vet could pull the little poor one out.
When the vet opend Lilly for the ceasarian they could se that the baby that was stucked and another one inside the uterius was very, very big and also very swollen and almost as "jelly". They almost fell apart when the vet was taking them out. Lillys uterius was very affected and has almost burst at one side and the vets had to work some time to get it clean again. It must has been a very unfriendly environment for the kittens; one can just imaging all the bad bacterias the swollen, dead kittens has caused. And for a uterus to be so very ill by this that it almost was going to burst... :-( :-(
Despite all this drama mum Lilly was a supermum from day one to her three surviving kittens! The three kittens had very god birth weights, 97-106 gram, and was growing up perfectly healthy and normal.
At day two Tiger Lily got diarrea and lost a lot of weight. I was giving her extra milk and made sure that she got to suckle as much as she could from Lilly, but despite this she did not increase her weight. Because of the sircumstances in Lillys uterus I suspicioned that Tiger Lily could have a small infection that made her not put on weight, so I started to give her Clindamycin antibiothics.
Tiger Lily was a real fighter and had a enormous joy of living so slowly, slowly she started to put on weight again! She was a bit smaller than Piilu and Jackmanii but besides that she was totaly normal; her weight curve was encreasing and she put on weight just as a normal kitten.

So; back to Piilus autopsy: The vet thougt that it could have been the bad uterus environment and bacterias from this and/or the dead kittens that Piilu had got affected of by the birth. This bacterias could have made that Piilu had a week immune defence from the beguinning and that this hade made her develop asthma. If she then got a tiny little virus this could have been the reason for her being so very, very ill.

Some weeks after Piilu was put to sleep Jackmanii and Tiger Lily was at the vet for their second vaccination. At this time I had not got Piilus autopsy results back so I asked the vet if she could examine Jack and Tiger Lily a bit extra, just to make sure that everything was fine. The vet then discovered a tiny murmur at Jack.
Because of what happend to Piilu I was very scared by this murmur and made an apointement with a cardiologist vet. The cardiologist examined Jack with both x-ray and ultrasound. The result was very sad: Jacks little heart was very unormal and the cardiologist thougt that it might be DCM; Dilated Heart Cardiomyopati.
The cardiologist didn´t thougt that Jack would live for so long time. At the most for some few months but it could even be just days or weeks until he was so ill that he must be put to sleep.
I was totaly heartbroken and incredible sad. I could not belive that my happy, lovely and cuddeling Jack was so ill?!

Some very sad weeks followed, and Jack slowly became more and more affected by his heart dicease.
Already before we went to the cardiologist Jack had been breathing a bit loudly. Soon he started to take pauses when the kittens played. Almost as he must get his breath before he could continue playing. One day he got an attack of coughing and I was terrified. This meant that his little lungs was being filled with fluid and this was the beguinning of the end.
My wonderful and beautiful little Jack was put to sleep December 17; 16 weeks and 2 days old.

Jackmaniis autopsy showed that he had a heart condition called Endochardiel fibroelastosis. The cardiologist told me that this is a very, very rare heart disease and a congenital deformity of the heart.

Little sister Tiger Lily have been very carefully examined several times and is healthy. March 25 she becomes 7 months old and she is such a special little girl!
Tiger Lily now lives with Laila and family in Eskilstuna together with dad Agrippa/S*Yahtzee´s Wow Factor, grandmother Drucilla/FIN Kelmikerhon Zeeta Sittenkin, and the lovely OSH male Drusus. Thank you Laila & family for taking such good care of our very special little princess!
The kittens mum Lilly, S*Mijmu Pix Molli Minttu, is now a happy neuter and lives with Ida and cats in Linköping. Thank you Ida for taking such good of my special Lilly!

I am so happy that Tiger Lily is alive, and I can´t help thinking if it was the Clindamycin she got when she was a baby that actually saved her life? She was the tiniest of the three kittens and *should* therefore have been the most sensitive of them? So why did not she get ill as her bigger brother and sister was? Had Jackmanii and Piilu been alive today if they also got Clindamycin as babys?
Mum Lilly got Vetrimoxin antibiotics after the ceasarian to provent infection, but shouldn´t the kitten as well (who had been living in this bad uterus environment in several days!) has been medicated with antibiotics as newborns?
I have spent hours and hours thinking about this and talking to several vets about Jackmanii and Piilu and if they could been alive today if they also had got Clindamycin as newborns.


It has been a terrible and sad winter and what happend to Piilu and Jackmanii has affected me a lot. How do one recover from something like this? Does the heart ever heal?
At the moment I do not have any fertile cats and I decided to take a pause from breeding during 2011. There has not gone a day by this last months that I have not been thinking about Piilu, Jack and Tiger Lily.
I hope that our wonderful Tiger Lily will have a long and healthy life and I am so thankful that she is such a surviver!


My dear and highly beloved neuters enjoys the winter by long naps in the bed together. We are all looking forward to the spring and the cats are preparing themselfes for the new season by some beautywork! Check them out HERE!


14 of December 2010:


From all of us to all of you:

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

S*Mijmu Pix Tiger Lily, 10 weeks old.

8 of November 2010:

The kittens are nearly 11 weeks old and it is action from morning to night now!
The two females Piilu and Tiger Lily has found their new homes and familys but our charming little redpointed male Jackmanii is still avaliable to the right home.
I have updated litter 7´s page with a lot of photos of the little gang. Look at the "kitten"-page for a link to this page!

November is filled with birthdays for our cats! November 8th Lillegutt, (N) Sacred Soul´s Love Like Winter, became 2 years old. And litter 4 and 5 becomes 3 years old November 10th and 19th. Lots of hugs and congratulations to you all!

Mum Lilly, S*Mijmu Pix Molli Mintu, and her kittens

12 of October 2010:

Not really any news to rapport this time - but a lot of photos of our three lovely kittens! They are nearly seven weeks old now and so funny!
Check out the "kitten"-page for a link to litter 7´s page!


Chocolate pointed female Piilu


Lilly, aka S*Mijmu Pix Molli Minttu - a hard working and proud mum!


28 of September 2010:

The kittens are 5 weeks old and it so funny to watch them run around and play!
Since the last update I discovered that the SIA b kitten was a girl - not a boy! Oh dear...! So now we have two girls and one boy!

The name theme for this litter is inspired by flowers. Since mid July this year I have my own little summerhouse and garden so I have been all wild and crazy about flowers, plants and the garden all summer! So it was not very difficult to find inspiration for names to this litter...! ;-)
Redpointed big brother is named Jackmanii; from the big blue/violet clematis. (The name also hints to his mummys half brother Jackson, aka PR S*Mijmu Pix Action Junior Jackson, from my first litter. This two boys are very similar in their personalitys; happy and outgoing and incredible charming!)
Chocolate pointed big sister is also named after a clematis: the pink and white Piilu. Little sister in this gang is smaller than her siblings but from the start she has proved to be an amazing little character. Her name will be Tiger Lily since she is such a little happy fighter!
Check out the latest pictures of the litter at their own page; you find it at the "kitten"-page!

Some pictures from the cats kittenrun/pergola from this summer and some pictures from September can be seen here!


Mum Lilly and her little ones.


5 of September 2010:

It has been two years since our latest litter was born and I am so happy to annonce that our very much longed for seventh litter is born!
Mother of this litter is our tortiegirl Lilly, S*Mijmu Pix Molli Minttu - a supermum who takes great care of her three little babies! Father of this litter is S*Yahtzee´s Wow Factor - a very handsome male with a lovely temperament and a tail that is never ending :-)
More info and pictures of the litter can be seen at the "kitten"-page!


Seelia, CH S*SeeSoo Soulmate, Queen of the house!


Lillegutt in action!


3 of May 2010:

At last; after the long, long winter the spring is finally here! The cats enjoys the sun a lot! Check it out here!

I am so happy to announce that our lovely tortiegirl Lilly, aka S*Mijmu Pix Molli Minttu (e: UK-imp. Firousi Undercoversecret, SIA d, u: CH S*SeeSoo Soulmate, SIA f) is back in my breeding again!
Lilly first lived with a breeder friend of mine and the plan was that she would have a S*Mijmu Pix-litter before she become fully owned by this breeder. Last spring they moved to another apartement and also got a new dog at the same time and I didn´t wanted to mate Lilly in the middle of all this - a mother-to-be demands a calm and stress free home - so our breeding contract unfortenatly ran out of time before Lilly was mated. Just a few month later Lilly got a new owner and moved from Stockholm.
Lilly is so special to me in so many ways and I was so sad to have lost her. This winter/spring I was told that Lilly was going to be neutred and I asked her new owner If I could buy her back. And that I could! I am just so happy and grateful to have got my lovely and very special tortiegirl back!
Lilly will live with friends of mine and we are hoping for a very much longed for Lilly-litter this summer. Lilly will meet a very handsome male with a lovely SIA-pedigree in some time - more info will be announced at the "kitten"-page later on!

Our youngest boy Lillegutt, (N) Sacred Soul´s Love Like Winter, is still very much a teenager. He is 1,5 years old now and has sooo much energy! No neuter-belly at him at all!
At the picture left I got a snap shot of him when he is doing his best to show uncle Kingston what a great, enormous, gigantic Super Cat he is! Kingston has become a bit ehum... silly and queer (sorry Kingston!), since he was neutred so he pretends that he is sooo scared every time Lillegutt does this. Kingston is our own sweet little drama queen - the kindest male in the world!

April and May is filled with birthdays! Congratulations to the "kittens" in litter 1 who became 4 years old April 5! Also congratulations to our handsome male Kingston, CH S*Yahtzee´s Zeppelin, who become 3 years old April 2. Last but not least; congratulations to litter 3 - 3 years old 4 of May!


"My hot spot!" Pixi loves the warm radiator!


The whole gang sleeping - christmas makes you tired:-)


Pixi and Lillegutt.


14 of January 2010:

Happy New Year!

It´s been a while since the website was updated and the reason for that is a bad computercrasch in december. All photos, documents and programs was lost (huuu...!) and it took several weeks and bad service from the store before the computer finally was repaired and back home again.

There is not that much to update really; exept that Lillegutt, aka (N) Sacred Soul´s Love Like Winter, now is a happy neuter. Ever since my female Pixi was neutred because of the pyometra Lillegutts hormones was a bit wild and crazy; some kind of Don Juan hybris I guess ;-) Lillegut wanted to be the (Super-)Man in the house and also tried to "mate" the other cats. Neuter male Kingston thougt that this was embarassing and no fun at all, and Alfa-female Seelia was very upset by Lillegutts impudent behaving!
I am very eager to maintain the cat group harmonic and friendly so Lillegutt become a neuter a bit sooner than planed. Now when the hormones is out of the picture it is peaceful and harmonic again in the group and that I am very glad for!

The christmas decorations has been put down in their boxes again, but take a look at some photos of how the cats celebrated christmas. Kingston loves christmas carol singing I can tell...! Check it out HERE!

2009 was not a very eventful year for my breeding. Sadly we never got any kittens from Pixi and Lillegutt since Pixi got a bad pyometra and has to be neutred. But althoug this I am happy and grateful to that everyting went well with Pixi, and as a neuter she is a real funny rascal I can tell! :-)
Now it is a new year and time for a new beguinning. I am exited to see what 2010 will bring us!

Hopefully the website also is going to get a new look later on this year. I have been skeching for this "new look" some time now and I think It is going to be quite nice when It is done!

Pixi, IDP Shade of Jade Olga, is now a happy neuter.


Newly neutred Pixi is gently taken care of by Kingston .


"Are you complete sure that you dont want to mate anymore?" Lillegutt ask Pixi.


5 of november 2009:

Breeding is as interesting and fascinating as it is unpredictable!
It has been great romance between young Lillegutt, (N) Sacred Soul´s Love Like Winter, and Pixi, IDP Shade of Jade Olga. I have crossed my fingers and hoping so much for a litter from this lovely cats. This mating has been planed ever since Lillegutt was just a little baby ;-)
But sadly Pixi got a bad pyometra and had to be neutred. This is of course very sad. Pixi has been a fantastic mum for her kittens and it is so sad that she and Lillegutt never got any kittens. But on the other hand; Pixi is happy and doing fine again; her helth and wellbeing is whats most important!

So now my only fertile cat is Lillegutt - our handsome young male. Lillegutt thinks that it is soo boring that his lovely girlfriend is now neutred and no longer is interested in romance!
Pixi has always been a very tender and loving cat who loves to take care of her friends. Now when she is neutred she is even more nursing and she likes it the best when all the cats sleeps togehter in the bed or sofa and she herself can be in the middle and kiss and cuddle with them all!

At november 8:th Lillegutt becomes 1 year old! Hipp Hurra! We also would like to congratulate litter 4 and 5 who soon will be 2 years old! Hipp Hurra to you too!


Now when it is darker and chilly outside the cats cuddel season has started! What could be more cosy than to sleep and cuddle in a blanket all together the whole day trough?! Check in the great sleepers HERE!


Handsome Lillegutt, 10 months old.


Pixi loves to take a nap with Kingston, he is big, tender and very cosy!


27 of september 2009:

Congratulations, Hipp Hipp Hurra & Mjaouuu! to the "kittens" in litter 6, Miksi Siksi & Iso Ylimys, who became 1 year old 23/9!
I also send greetings to their beautiful mother Miss Molly & her family in Västerås!


19-20 september we went to the Scandinavian Winner Show in Nyköping. So many very beautiful were there and it was so great to see them all!
Lillegutt has just become 10 months old so on this show he made his debut in class 9. (How did this happend - our little "baby" boy has grown up so fast!)
It was a very strong competition among the adult males and Lillegutt got a nice judgeing from judge Alexey Shchukin and his first CAC. Lillegutt behaved very well the whole show and I was very proud of him!
Before the show Lillegutt got some help with the preparation and styling from his friend Kingston. Check it out HERE!


Lillegutt loves eating flowers.


Seelia with her "baby" Lillegutt, about 7-8
months old at the picture :-)



10 of August 2009:

Well... actually there is not really any news to tell ;-) The summer is here and we all enjoy it a lot! I have taking a lot of photos of the cats, check them out HERE!

Lillegutt, (N)Sacred Soul´s Love Like Winter, has been to Järva kattklubbs show in Västerhaninge in july, his second show. It was so many beautiful cats there and very strong competition! Lillegutt did great and got Ex 1 and a very nice judgeing from judge Kristiina Rautio.


There has been love in the air earlier this summer between young and enthusiastic Lillegutt, and our little princess Pixi, IDP Shade of Jade Olga! Lillegutt is still a young teenager boy so this time it was a bit early to hoping for a pregnancy.

"Action Hero Lillegutt" has just became 9 months old now and oh boy what a little firecracker he is! He his such a sweet and funny little (huge!) boy with lots, and lots of energy. I am sure that he thinks himself to be a really Super Hero!



Lilly, aka S*Mijmu Pix Molli Minttu


Lillegutt, aka (N)Sacred Soul´s Love Like Winter, 7 months old


18 of June 2009:

Changed plans: S*Mijmu Pix Molli Minttu, aka Lilly, SIA f, lives with a hostfamily and breeder friend of mine. Lilly will soon be fully own of her family since our breeder contract now runs out of time. Lilly will therfore not have a S*Mijmu Pix-litter, but I am hoping for and really looks forward to Lilly-babies at S*Sweet Wishes in the future! :-)


Young Lillegutt, aka (N)Sacred Soul´s Love Like Winter, is now 7 months old and what a charming boy he his! You can see new pictures at Lillegutt and the other cats at their own pages at the "cats"-page.

Check out whats up at casa de S*Mijmu Pix at the temporary picture-page by clicking HERE!


Lillegutt, aka (N)Sacred Soul´s Love Like Winter, SIA d, 6 months old.


Little Thilo, S*Yahtzee´s Navajo, SIA n, and his owner.


18 of May 2009:

Lillegutt, aka (N)Sacred Soul´s Love Like Winter, has been to his first show here in Stockholm and it went great! Ex 1 and NOM from judge Maj-Britt Stein! A very handsome OSH-boy who was a little bit older than Lillegutt became BIS.
Lillegutt behaved very well and cuddeld and talked all day long!
Lillegutt´s own page is now updated with his showresult and pedigree.

More show news! In early May I visited a "grandchild"; Thilo, aka S*Yahtzee´s Navajo, SIA n, who made his show debut here in Stockholm. Thilo is a son of S*Mijmu Pix Moloko from my fourth litter and the little boy looks very much like his grandfather Firousi Undercoversecret! A handsome young boy!


Check out the new pictures at the cats at the temporary picture-page by clicking HERE!


Winter loooves to play with Kingston; who is a very kind and sweet uncle...


...but even the very patient Kingston can sometimes get angry! (Doesn´t he looks like a mad Donald Duck at this picture?!)


Well... sometimes it is hard being the best uncle in the world!


28 of April 2009:

Since Lilly´s, S*Mijmu Pix Molli Minttu, family is about to move to a new home this spring we decided to wait with mating Lilly until they have setteld down properly in their new apartement.
The beautiful male who we are hoping to mate Lilly with will be a neuter in some time. So in case that happens we have a Plan B - a young male who is just as handsome as the other male, tough in another colour ;-)
More information will be announced at the "kitten"-page later on! Please contact me if you are interested in a Lilly-baby or want to know more about the planed mating.

"Lillegutt Winter", aka (N) Sacred Soul´s Love Like Winter, was aimed to live with a hostfamily but now it looks like he will be staying with us permanently. Winter has completely stolen our hearts! He is so adored by his "mothers", Seelia and Pixi, and uncle Kingston, and me myself is totaly knocked by this little red rascall!

Check out the new pictures at the cats at the temporary picture-page by clicking HERE!

We have a lot of congratulations to announce! Kingston, CH S*Yahtzee´s Zeppelin became 2 years old april 2, and the "kittens" in our first litter became 3 years old april 5! May 5 the "kittens" in litter 3 becomes 2 years old. Hipp Hipp Hurra to you all!


S*Mijmu Pix Miksi Siksi, SIA b, from litter 6. A lovely little girl with such a great personality!


Young Winter, about 4,5 months old. A little boy with lots and lots of energy!


20 of March 2009:

We are hoping for a great romance this spring for Lilly, S*Mijmu Pix Molli Minttu, SIA f. The young male that she will be dating is a very handsome boy and we cross our fingers and hoping that the cats like the plans as much as we do!
More info will be announced at the "kitten"-page later on.

Little Winter, (N) Sacred Soul´s Love Like Winter, has been totaly adopted by our supermum Seelia, CH S*SeeSoo Soulmate.
Pixi, IDP Shade of Jade Olga, was a bit sceptical to Winter to start with, Winter was disturbing her in her very important beauty-sleep for example and Pixi was so irritated at him! But a baby is a baby and both Seelia and Pixi loves kittens, so once a supermum - always a supermum! In other words; Winter lives like a little Prince with his two "mum´s"!
Take a look at Winter´s own page where you can find some new pictures of him!

Uncle Kingston, CH S*Yahtzee´s Zeppelin, also loves his little friend and the two boys both loves to wrestle and to chase eachother! Check out pictures of the cats (mostly Winter and Kingston) at the temporary "picture"-page by clicking HERE!

The kittens in litter 6 has found their new homes. We wish them and their new familys all the best!


Little Winter, 13 weeks old.


14 of february 2009:

I am so happy to introduce to you our beautiful new male: (N) Sacred Soul´s Love Like Winter, SIA d!
Thank you so much Line and family, (N) Sacred Soul´s, for this lovely baby boy!

Winter is a nephew to my male Kingston, CH S*Yahtzee´s Zeppelin, and has a pedigree that I like very much.
Little Winter has just moved in and is a very sweet and cool little boy who loves to cuddles! He also love to play with uncle Kingston and Kingston (who loves little kittens!) is so exited over his new little friend!

Look at the "cats"-page where you can find Winters own page with more pictures and pedigree!


Seelia, CH S*SeeSoo Soulmate, SIA f, will be 4 years old this february and are now retiring as bredingqueen.


Seelias daughter Lilly, aka S* Mijmu Pix Molli Minttu, SIA f.
Lillys father is the handsome english gentleman Firousi Undercoversecret.


29 of January 2009:

Cool tortie and supermum Seelia, aka CH S*SeeSoo Soulmate, SIA f, will soon be neutred. Seelia has been a fantastic breedingqueen and is mother to three litters. This autumn/winter she also has became a grandmother! (and I can tell you that both Seelia and I am so proud of the beautiful grandchildren!)
We are hoping that Seelias daugther Lilly, aka S*Mijmu Pix Molli Minttu, SIA f, will be a mother this year. We have found a very handsome young siamese male for her to date, and are hoping for a great romance later on this winter! Check out the "kitten-page" in som time for more info!

The kittens in litter 6 born in september is now 4 months old. S*Mijmu Pix Iso Ylimys will be staying with the host family with his mum Miss Molly and "aunt" Minoo, cornish rex.
S*Mijmu Pix Miksi Siksi has not yet found her new family, check out the "kitten"-page for more info about her!

Later on this winter we will be welcoming a new male...! A little siamese boy with a wonderful pedigree and a very promising look. I am so exited and happy! More info, and of course pictures!, will follow during the next update of the website!


"Meeaaoowy christmas!" Kingston yells! One must of course make sure that everybody (=all the ladies out there!) hears you!


17 of December 2008:

Check out the latest pictures at the kittens at the "kitten"-page! They are now 12 weeks old and I can´t belive how fast they have grown?!

I tried to get the adult cats to pose as Santas so I could do a lovely christmas card to the website... But that didn´t work out, as you can see at the picture left! Kingston only wanted to pose as a vampire and Seelia and Pixi fell a sleep under the blankets.

From all of us to all of you:

M E R R Y . C H R I S T M A S
A .H A P P Y .N E W . Y E A R !


Seelia and Pixi checks out the first snow!


1 of December 2008:

The kittens are doing fine and are now 10 weeks old. They grew up so fast! They are both such personalities. Iso, the big brother, is a "mummys boy" and little sister Miksi is the cool and adventurous of them! Check out the "kitten"-page to se lots of new pictures of them!

Unfortunatly Lilly, S*Mijmu Pix Molli Minttu, was not pregnant with Kingston, CH S*Yahtzee´s Zeppelin (who became a neuter this October). They mated at Lillys very first call and now our little miss tortie has begain howling for boys again, mjaoouuuu!
As a breeder you must always have a Plan B incase Mother Nature or the cats themselfes don´t go for the Plan A for some reason...! ;-)


Molly and her son Iso Ylimys who is 5,5 weeks old at the picture.


Iso Ylimys loooves to play with mummys long tail!


3 of November 2008:

The kittens are now 6 weeks old. We were a bit unsusre about the female kittens colour; if it was SIA b or SIA c? At the pictures she looked much darker than IRL. But now, some weeks later, we can tell that this adorable little girl is is a SIA b!
The kittens has got finish names since dad Merlin, S* Fire and Ice First Choise, has finish relatives in his pedigree. The big brother is named Iso Ylimys. In finish that means "Big/Great Aristocrat". A suitable name for a handsome siamese I touhgt!
The little sister is named Miksi Siksi. This means "Why Because". In swedish and finish this is almost lika a play on words that is a bit difficult to translate to english. Siameses often thinks that their own great ideas or fabulous
acting is so obvious and perfect and need no further explanation. When you ask them "Why?" they say "Just Because!"

Sadly Pixi, IDP Shade of Jade Olga was not pregnant with Kingston, CH S*Yahtzee´s Zeppelin, this time either. Somehow they didnt seem to mach each other. Me my self is a bit sad; I had hoped sooo much for kittens from this handsome and lovely cats!
We are a bit unsure if Lilly, S*Mijmu Pix Molli Minttu, is pregnant with Kingston or not. They mated on Lillys very first call, so now we keep our fingers crossed so, so hard for Lilly to be pregnant!

Proud mum Miss Molly with her babies!

16 of October 2008:

The little Molly & Merlin babies grows bigger and bigger. They are now 3 weeks old and so adorable!
The firstborn, a sealpointed and BIG baby male, looks very much like his uncle Bamboo, S* Mijmu Pix Rebel Bamboozle, in litter 3, at the same age. The little sister is already very delicate and feminin and are so cute. We are a bit unsure about her colour; is it SIA b or SIA c? She looks much darker at the pictures than IRL. At the moment we guess that she is SIA b, but we are not absolute sure yet.
Both kittens has just discovered that there is a whole unknown world outside their box to explore... so exiting! Read more at the "kitten"-page where you will find more pictures and pedigree for the two babies!

Kingston, CH S* Yahtzee´s Zeppelin, is now a happy and relaxed neuter. Before he was neutred he spent som romantic days with two of our females. Read more at the "kitten"-page!


Pixi who fooled us all!


Cool tortie Lilly, aka S* Mijmu Pix Molli Minttu.


1 of October 2008:

September 22 Miss Mollys, S* Mijmu Pix Rebel Royale, and Merlins, S* Fire and Ice First Choice, babies was born! Miss Molly is a very good mother and takes such good care of her kittens! Read more at the "kitten-page"!

This summer we were hoping that Pixi, IDP Shade of Jade Olga, was pregnant but she fooled us all! Her little belly was just full of air and food, no babies unfortenatly.
Oh, such a pitty I tought, I was hoping so much for kittens from this cute lovebirds! But Kingston, CH S* Yahtzee´s Zeppelin, vas thrilled! "Hipp hurray! Come on and call Pixi so we can mate again!"
So now we cross our fingers and are hoping very much that Pixi became pregnant this time!
Take a look at our beloved lovbirds here!

...we cross our fingers even harder because Kingston soon will be neutred. He has been singing very loudly lovesongs both nights and days this last months ("Mjaaaaoooouuuu!!") and been quite restless, so I think that we all looks forward to the day when Kingston will be a happy and cosy neuter!

New pictures at Mijmu Pix-"kittens" at the "litter"-pages of kittens that now are grown up! Check it out!

Last but not least: Young Mangalore who has been looking for a new home lately has now found his new "mum" and "dad" and moved to Denmark! He is doing great in his new home and I am so glad! Thank you so much Ingrid and Morten for taking so good care of him! Good luck with our sweet little man!


"Hello hello and welcome tho my hood!"
sais Jackson; the coolest cat in Sala!


"I tell you; at this bed you can jump
amazingly high! This time i will try to tuch
the roof!" sais Miss Molly.


12 of August 2008:

In early July I was visiting PR S* Mijmu Pix Action Junior Jackson and his family in Sala. Jackson and the other cats has a big catcage in the garden next to the house, where they enjoys the beautiful summer and checks out the nabourhood!
After visiting the Jackson crew we went to Västerås, for visiting Miss Molly, S* Mijmu Pix Rebel Royale, and her family! Miss Molly is going to meet the handsome mr Merlin this summer! Check out the "kitten"-page for more info!
Thank you Jackson´s and Molly´s families for a lovely day!!

We have been to two shows this July. Little S* Mijmu Pix Molli Minttu, aka Lilly, SIA f, made her showdebut at JKK´s show in Västerhaninge the 12:th of July. Lilly was very sweet and relaxed all day. Judge Donatela Mastreangelo thought Lilly had a big baby belly so in competition with another little junior tortie Lilly got Ex 2.
The 26:th of July we went to Vallentuna in north Stockholm and CCC´s show. Very, very hot outside but perfect temperature inside, and very many beautiful cats! Kingston got his third CAC and is now a Champion! We are so proud of him!
Lilly, S* Mijmu Pix Molli Minttu, got Ex 1 and got a very nice judgment from judge Kristiina Raoutio. Our little tortie Kiboko, S* Mijmu Pix Kiboko, SIA g, who now lives at S* Cupcaces was also there. Kiboko got Ex 1 and a nice judgement by judge Eiwor Andersson.

We are hoping for a whole lot of love this summer! Kingston, CH S* Yahtzee´s Zeppelin, and Pixi, IDP Shade of Jade Olga, i so very much in love! They kisses and cuddles together al day long and sleeps cheek to cheek.
Chack out the "kitten"-page for more info!





BIS-winner S*Yahtzee´s Zeppelin, aka
Kingston! My beautiful little Prince!

S* Mijmu Pix Rebel Bamboozle, aka
"Bamboo", 1 year old, at his first show!


3 of June 2008:

Showtime! In April Kingston and I went to Perserkatten´s show in south Stockholm. Kingston got his first CAC from judge Michael Edström. Kingstons half-brother, the big and very handsome "Bamboo" / S* Mijmu Pix Rebel Bamboozle, and his owner Åsa was also there. This was Bamboo´s first show and he was so cool! "Sooo attractive!" said judge Nurith Pahl!
Me and Kingston was also at Alfakatten´s show in Stockholm this late May. Kingston got his second CAC and was also NOM by judge Iréne Eek Magnusson, and became Best In Show! We are so proud of him!


One sealpoint boy avaliable! One of the kittens born in November last year are looking for a new home! The little boy, S* Mijmu Pix Mangalore, SIA n, lives with a family here in Stockholm. Mangalore is half-brother with S* Mijmu Pix Rebel Bamboozle at the picture left. The boys mum is CH S* SeeSoo Soulmate, aka Seelia.
Look at the "kitten"-page för more info and pictures of Mangalore!



S* Yahtzee´s Zeppelin, aka "Kingston".
Best SIA e in SVERAK 2007!

S* Mijmu Pix Molli Minttu, SIA f. The
coolest little tortie in the world!


25 of March 2008:

We are so proud of our fantastic Kingston, aka S* Yahtzee´s Zeppelin, who became Best SIA e in SVERAK 2007! Lots and lots of hugs and kisses to you Kingston!
Kingston is a very sweet, cool and laid back young man who thinks that he himself is the center of the Universe. At the moment he works hard on the Casanova-moves and tryes his best to impress our little princess Pixi; aka IDP Shade of Jade Olga.
Pixi on the other hand is hard to impress and to seduce. But Hey; if you are the center of Universe it is just a matter of time before the ladies fall at you paws with their tails high in the air for you! ;-) Thats whats Kingston is convinced about!
Check out the "kitten"-page for info about upcomming plans!

All kittens in litter 4 and 5 have found their new homes. We wish them and their new familys all the best for the future!
Little S* Mijmu Pix Molli Minttu, SIA f, stays in the cattery and will be living with a friend of mine here in Stockholm. Hopefully Molli will have her own babies in the future! At the moment she is a little action-tortie who is stubbern as a donkey, runs around and plays all day long and has a so special look with her little "milk mustach"!



29 of January 2008:

Time fly when one is having kittens in the house! Especially if they are a gang of seven timedemanding and fantastic little action heroes!

Finally the english version of the website is updated, and you can see more pictures as well as pedigrees for the two litters at the kittenpage.
At the picture left Kingston, aka S* Yahtzee´s Zeppelin, babysits some of the kittens. Kingston is a fabulus uncle and take such a good care of his little friends! And as you can see the kittens also love to be with uncle Kingston!
We hope that Kingston him self becomes a father later on this year... fingers crossed!



21 of November 2007:

We have kittens! Two litters of beautiful siamesebabies is born! Look at the "kitten"-page for more info!
The two mothers Seelia, CH S* SeeSoo Soulmate, and Pixi, IDP Shade of Jade Olga, share the same nest for all their babies and helps out with taking care of them. The eight kittens crawls from one "milkbar" to the other, totaly perfekt! If it gets crowded in one mummys milkbar you can always find space and milk at the other "bar"!
Young male Kingston is very curious and also very helpfull with the babies. He think the little kittens are so exiting and would love to play with them! But they grow soooo slow...! "Hey! Grow faster so we can play! I can learn you aaaall my amazing trix and action stunts!" he says!
Well, in a few weeks from now I am sure we can look forward to a hole lot of action from this little gang...!

The charming young Kingston, S* Yahtzee´s Zeppelin, SIA e, is avaliable as a stud for a few females in a limited time. You can find more pictures and pedigree for him at his own page at the "cats"-page!


BIS-winner S* Yahtzee´s Zeppelin, aka
Kingston, 4 months old!

Kingstons half-brother S* Mijmu Pix Rebel
Bamboozle, 12 weeks old.


7 of August 2007:

The kittens in litter 3 have found new homes and we wish them and their new familys all the best for the future!
Little S* Mijmu Pix Rebel Royale, SIA n, stays in the cattery and will be living with a family in Västerås. Hopefully she will have a litter of siamesbabies in 2008.
More pictures of litter 3 can bee seen at the "kitten"-page!

Kingston, aka S* Yahtzee´s Zeppelin, has now got his own page, you will find it at the "cats"-page. There you can see his pedigree and more photos. Check it out!
Kingston is an amazing little boy! Always happy and purring and with a supertemperament! And of course: as a kitten he has a lot of energy! Our neighburs may think it is a big elephant who moved in, but no; it´s only Kingston who runs around and plays and makes a lot of noice!
Kingstons show result will soon be found at his own page. So far he has visited three shows: At his first show in Järna the 15 of july he got a very nice judgement and Ex 1 by judge Eric Reijers. At his second show in Haninge the 29 of july he got Ex 1 and was NOM by judge Angelica Kniefel. At Mälarkattens show in Arboga the 5 of august Kingston was Ex 1 and NOM by judge Eivor Andersson, and Best In Show! We are so proud of our fantastic little man!

The english version of the "kitten"-page is finally working! During the early autumn we hope to present plans for upcoming dates for our cats. Check out the "kitten"-page in some time!



Little S* Mijmu Pix Rebel Bamboozle, 8
weeks old, with mum Seelia and sleeping
sister Rebel Royale.

The cool and handsome Kingston, aka
S* Yahtzee´s Zeppelin, 12 weeks old.

Mjaou! PR S* Mijmu Pix Action Junior
Jackson. Here is he photographed at the
Scandinavian Winner Show, 3 of june,
where he got his second certificat for the



2 of July 2007:

The kittenpage will still not work in the english version, so I take a short english version here:
The third S* Mijmu Pix-litter was born the 4 of May! Father is CH Geishagoll Winter Wonderland, SIA c (USA-import) aka "Musse", and mother of the litter is CH S* SeeSoo Soulmate, SIA f, aka "Seelia"
There is one male, S* Mijmu Pix Rebel Bamboozle, SIA n, and one female, S* Mijmu Pix Rebel Royale, SIA n, in the litter.
The kittens are named after cats in their mum Seelia´s pedigree who has Rebel in their name.
The female kitten is booked and the male kitten is still avaliable. They are both beautiful and happy kittens! Pure siamese pedigree.

You are able to see the swedish kittenpage when you klick at the "kitten"-page in the menu, and I hope that you´ll understand a little bit by looking at the pictures!? In swedish the male is called "hanen" and the female is called "honan" so now you hopefully understand at least who is who...?! ;-)

We have a new cat! A creampointed siamese male; S* Yahtzee´s Zeppelin, aka "Kingston"! I love the creme- and redpointed siameses and I am so happy for this little King! Thank you Joanna, S* Yahtzees, for this beautiful boy!
Kingston is born the 2 of April this year and is still a kitten. Hopefully he will be mating our little lady Pixi (IDP Shade of Jade Olga, SIA c21) when he became a little older...!

The catterys firstborn, PR S* Mijmu Pix Action Junior Jackson, SIA n21, got his Premier-title in Uppsala the 17 of june! Congratulations Jackson and family!! We are so proud!


28 of May 2007:

The kittens is now three weeks old and it´s full action in the nest! Both the male and the female looks like they are sealpointed. They also look very similar and it´s difficult to se who is who on pictures...!

At the picture left you can se the female kitten, 20 days old. For more pictures of both kittens look at the "kitten"-page where you also can se pictures of their mum Seelia and dad Musse!
The kittens has now got their own page; you will find a link to it at the "kitten"-page!


8 of May 2007:

We have kittens! The 4:th of may Seelias, aka CH S* SeeSoo Soulmate, SIA f, and Musses, aka USA-born CH Geishagoll Winter Wonderland, SIA c, litter was born!
One baby male and one baby female, both healthy and beautiful kittens! The male kittens birth weight was 130 gr and the female weight 100 gr. Seelia is a supermum and take great care of her babies!
At the pictures left they are 3 days old. The female is the boss at the "milk-bar" and is already a tuff little lady! The male is bigger and looks just like a chubby little polarbear!
More pictures and information of the litter is comming up soon!




6 of April 2007:

The 23 of march Pixi, aka IDP Shade of Jade Olga, became a mother to a healtyh and big baby male. The kittens father is the catterys firstborn, BIS-winner S* Mijmu Pix Action Junior Jackson.
Sadly the little boy got flat chest at the age of 10 days. We did everything we could to help, and to save him but the flat chest was to severe and he had great difficulty to breathe. The little boy was put to sleep, only 13 days old.
This was a so much longed for litter and we are so sad that it ended so tragic.

Some weeks ago Seelia, aka CH S* SeeSoo Soulmate, sia f, met the very handsome American gentleman Musse; aka CH Geishagoll Winter Wonderland, SIA c. It was true love! And according to all that love we hope and cross our fingers that the third S* Mijmu Pix-litter will be born later this spring! :-)



S Mijmu Pix Action Junior Jackson with
girlfriend IDP Shade of Jade Olga, aka Pixi!

1 of February 2007:

Love is in the air!

The catterys firstborn; the handsome S* Mijmu Pix Action Junior Jackson, sia n21, has visited us! Or should we say; mostely he was visiting our little lady Pixi, aka IDP Shade of Jade Olga, sia c21. We are hoping that this visit will result in a litter of healthy and beautiful little "tigers" later on this spring...! Our other female; CH S* SeeSoo Soulmate, aka Seelia, is also going on a date soon. The stud is a beautiful sia c-male from USA! More info about the dates is coming up soon! soon as the "kitten"-page will be working properly in english... At the moment I have difficulities with the webprogram; it doesnt do what I want it to do! Frustrating! Especially as it is (of course!) the "kitten"-page that wont work in english...! Hm! Please look at the swedish "kattungar/kitten"-page for pictures of the studs and more information!


A very proud Champion!

S* Mijmu Pix Action Junior Jackson, seven months old. Loudest cat on the show!


13 of November 2006:

We have a Champion!

During this weekend Seelia, S* SeeSoo Soulmate, sia f, and her son Jackson; S* Mijmu Pix Action Junior Jackson, sia n21, was on a big catshow here in Stockholm. Seelia got her third certificat and is now a Champion! We are so proud of her!
Jackson did very well too. He was nominated and got Ex1 the first day, and got Ex1 the second day. Beside that he was the loudest cat at the show! If one could win price for best voice he would be the absolut winner!

Pixi was not at the show; she stays at home and prepares herself for the upcoming date. So many poses that must be tested in front of the mirror, so many songs (or what one may call it...?!) and Mjaoouuus that she must rehersal...! A very buissy little lady in deed!



11 of October 2006:

Welcome to S* Mijmu Pix! So far there is not so many news here on the english version of the site, but hopefully there will be soon!

Our little boy S* Mijmu Pix Action Junior Jackson has now found his very own familiy and will soon move to his new home in Sala. We wish him and his new family all the best!

The females Seelia, S* SeeSoo Soulmate, and Pixi, IDP* Shade of Jade Olga is going on dates this atumn/winter with two very handsome studs! We cross our fingers and hope that this will result in two healtyh and beautiful litters in the beguinning of 2007!
More information is coming up soon!

Feel free to leave a message in the guestbook before you leave!