S*Mijmu Pix Molli Minttu, aka Lilly, from litter four

4 months old male S* Mijmu Pix Rebel Bamboozle, aka Bamboo, from litter 3

Norwegian Lillegutt, aka (N) Sacred Soul´s Love Like Winter, when he just had moved to us

My foundation queen and very lovely tortie Seelia, CH S*SeeSoo Soulmate


Welcome to S*Mijmu Pix!

My name is Emma Kronvall and I live in Stockholm. At the summers we live in our summerhouse at the countryside in south Sweden and the cat has a big kittenrun/pergola next to the house. Both humans and cats loves it!
Here at home lives four siamese cats; two females and two males. Sometimes I have cats participating in the breeding program living with friends of mine.
You can read more about the cats at the "cats"-page in the menu!

The cattery name S* Mijmu Pix was registred in SVERAK, FiFe, in february 2006. The first litter was born in april the same year. Check out the "litter"-page in the menu for more info and pictures of litters and kittens!

My breeding is small and I only have one or two litters per year. The cats lives as very much loved (and a bit spoiled!) familymembers and has full access to the whole apartement/summerhouse.
I have a freelance profession and often works at home - something both the cats and I appreciate a lot! Or well... somtimes the cats tend to be a little bit to helpful when I am working ;-) There often tends to be a helpful paw (or two, or five or seven) at the delete key, or some action burnouts at fragile papers, and of course very important conversations the cats demands that you must participate in just when you are talking in the telephone about some work - mjaouuu! But most of the time it is just great to be able to have my cats around me all days long!

Enjoy your visit at our website and feel free to leave a message in the guestbook before you leave!
You are always most welcome to contact me if you have any questions of planed litters, kittens or the cats!


Emma Kronvall, S* Mijmu Pix